Ocean freight – advantages and disadvantages

Effective transportation is a must for a successful business. In comparison with the past, the means of transport have changed significantly. On the one hand, it’s really profitable for anyone, who wants to pick the most suitable option. Well, is it? Isn’t the choice of new freight measures a little too overwhelming? The following text, titled ‘Ocean freight – advantages and disadvantages’, makes an attempt at picking the most efficient means of transferring goods.

First off, the money. Whenever we talk business, this issue inevitably appears. So, what’s the cheapest way of transporting stuff? It actually depends on your business model. If you’re considering moving smaller amount of goods between two or three countries, it seems that road transport takes the lead. Trucks use significantly less fuel, than a plane or a ship.

How about having to cover a longer distance, between, say, the US and Argentina? Once again, before you settle for a particular means of transport, you need to make a few calculations. For example, consider your company warehouses’ location. Here, it is the distance to the closest airport and seaport that matters. In most cases, it would be the first one that is closer. Leaving road transport aside, air freight appears to be the most reasonable choice here.

It’s not that simple, though. Despite the fact that planes might carry goods at a staggering speed, they also have a limited capacity. This means, if you ever want to move around larger (thus, heavier) goods, it might be a good idea to turn to ocean freight. After all, transporting a few cars in a plane is impossible.

Now, the speed of moving goods. We’ve barely touched upon this above, but let’s get back to that again. It goes without saying that air transport would be the quickest option. There are goods (like food,) which need to be moved around quickly. Otherwise, they will simply be spoiled. So, here, when we come back to the title of this article, “Ocean freight – advantages and disadvantages”, we got a huge disadvantage of sea transport.

Is there a definite answer to the problem of “Ocean freight – advantages and disadvantages”? Well, choosing international container shipping could be a great option for anyone, who has to move around lots of large goods. On the other hand, if they are pressed for time, they should better refer to other forms of freight.

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