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Wherever there are jobs, offices and workplaces, there are documents. They prove your birth and establish your death. In modern societies, your very existence becomes doubtful unless you have documents to prove it. If you require a job, you must produce documents to prove your eligibility. If you offer one, then you must check documents presented by job seekers.


There are different kinds of documents for different occasions and you cannot even begin to imagine how many new documents are churned out daily by the world's work force. In an office, each section deals with documents related to its own functioning.


Personnel department, for instance, deals with one set of documents whereas the quality control department has a totally different set of documents to occupy it. It is almost impossible to specify all kinds of documents with which our life is burdened.


All documents contain information and may be produced to substantiate a claim or make a demand. As such, their genuineness is of the utmost importance. A fake certificate, diploma or degree permits the entry of a misfit into the system thereby affecting efficiency and creating weakness in the system besides depriving a genuinely eligible person of a job. Therefore, all documents must be verified and the veracity of their information established beyond doubt before they are accepted. Availability and misuse of technology make it very very easy to prepare false documents or have access to them. However, that very technology makes it possible to detect fake documents.